Band favourites

1. Debbie Silvey - ‘Fingerpops’

Debbie Silvey didn’t make the move – she had work commitments in the radio world that weren’t to be sniffed at. But when asked how she felt about staying behind, a line from ‘Fingerpops’ pretty much summed it up: “I missed them EVERY SINGLE DAY!”

2. Mark Silvey and Jeremy Eade - ‘Pop Cigar’

Mark: “I was chatting with Jeremy about this a couple of weeks ago actually and we came up with the same answer. Pop Cigar to me captures Garageland at its best with the original four members. We were really getting into the swing of recording and Chris Sinclair did an amazing job with the production on that one. Never get tired of it, always play it loud.”

3. Andrew Gladstone - ‘What Will You Do’

“As far as a song goes, let's go with ‘What Will You Do’. I've always loved Debbie's droning guitar line and what Jeremy plays towards the end when it picks up momentum. Great words, too.”

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Garageland on the cover of Rip It Up, June 1996