Graham Atkinson remembers Rob Muldoon's appearance at Mi-Sex's June 1980 show

I was working for Williams & Cooper at the time of this concert, followed almost immediately after the Boomtown Rats tour, and with Ken in the US and Arthur backstage had the task of accompanying Muldoon and his daughter (with the police escorts) in the Town Hall and afterwards backstage.

Although there were only the two escorts and perhaps half a dozen officers in the auditorium there was a large police reserve in the Council Chambers in case of problems. Muldoon entered the circle to a standing ovation and never actually used the ear plugs.

It was also a very cordial visit backstage afterwards as the photos show and I think all the band appreciated the gesture.

Muldoon told a wonderful story about how the invitation was delivered; after the weekend publicity over his and the band's comments a young news reporter for Radio Windy (who is still a member of the Press Gallery today) fronted him at the post Cabinet news conference and asked "What are you going to do about Mi-Sex's invitation?". He admitted to a temporary hesitation until he understood the question!

Taken from Graham's Facebook feed with permission