Tinnitus Self-released Tapes

01 Self Titled (1985)                                                          

02 Fire in the red desert (1986)                           

03 Come (1986)     

04 Not for cooks (1987)                                                                 

05 Untamed (1987)            

06 Central Delivery single (1987)                                   

07 Spiritualistic Function (1987)                                      

08 Ringing In Your Ear (1988)                                         

09 Subjective Experience (1989)                                    

10 Firepower (1990)                                                                      

11 Affliction Addiction (1991)                                                                               

13 Alive to Ear BFM double cassette (1992)

 Tinnitus Videos                       

01 Ambient Image

02 Fire Power

03 Necessary Tension

04 Winds of Chaos            

The Manawa Gallery

Tinnitus were asked to do a show that they termed “Construction Amplification”, at the Manawa Gallery in Christchurch in the late 1980s for the rather highbrow annual NZ Architects conference. They placed contact microphones on the wood and tools that artist Tony Delatour was going to use to build something, along with numerous cameras, video projection and a sound system. Tinnitus then proceeded to explore “the fuck out of it”. Mike Hodgson recalls, “these rather uptight and possibly rather famous architects came along to see the show and they absolutely did not cope at all. By the end of it there were only our mates left.”