Dark Tower Profile

Martyn Pepperell
14 May 2013

Dark Tower were formed in 1993 in Christchurch by Jody "The Earl" Lloyd (rapper, producer) and Eli "The Eel" Foley (rapper). Pioneers in the New Zealand hip-hop scene, in 1995 with the assistance of a Creative New Zealand grant, they released their first EP, Real Zealmen, which was well received by student radio.

They followed that up in 1998 with their debut album Shadows on a Flat Land, which was released on Lloyd's own label She'll Be Right Records. Around this time Dark Tower were closely associated with a community of Christchurch musicians including Lloyd's family, Mark Duff, Claire Falloon and Jeremy Taylor, all of whom contributed to Shadows on a Flat Land.

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NZ Musician September 1999
Alright Now
Baggy Trousers
You Beauty (2001 remix)

Jody Lloyd - rap

Eli Foley - rap

Jamie Greenslade - rap

White Whine (live @ hagley park, 1993)

She'll be Right Records