Die! Die! Die! Profile

Gary Steel and Rosie Howells
Published: 16 Jul 2013
Updated: 10 Apr 2020

Their music is a bit like their name, if you imagine screaming it out in short staccato bursts, like gunfire – Blam! Blam! Blam! – but clean, accurate, full of fire, like a raging homicidal machine.

In 2003, this Dunedin trio picked up on a very specific thread of NZ alt-rock: bands like The Gordons/Bailter Space, HDU and Straitjacket Fits, dried and salted those ingredients, boiling them down to a taut, minimalist attack perfectly suited to just guitar, bass and high-pitched barking vocals.

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Charm. Offensive. (Sounds Of Subterrania, 2017) 
S.W.I.M (Small Town America, 2014)
Out of the Blue
Promises, Promises (Tardus Music, 2008)
Die! Die! Die!, March 16, 2009
Photo credit: Christopher Andrews | thebigcity.co.nz
Harmony - 95bFM in Session
We Built Our Own Oppressors
People Talk
Harmony (Records Etcetera, 2012)
Oblivious Oblivion - 95bFM in Session
Sideways, Here We Come

The trio has had ongoing problems holding on to bassists. Original bassist Kane Goulter left after the first two tours, and Henry Oliver was with the band for two EPs and their first album, leaving in 2006. Lachlan Anderson was in the fray from 2006 to 2011, contributing to three albums. Michael Logie – formerly of the Mint Chicks, and also of F In Math and Opossom – joined as bassist for their 2012 tour. And stayed on. But to complicate the story, Rory Attwell filled in on bass during the group’s 2012 European tour, because Michael was too busy.

Former bassist Henry Oliver went on to be the music editor of The Spinoff, and then editor of Metro magazine.


Andrew Wilson - vocals, guitar

Michael Logie - bass

Michael Prain - drums

Henry Oliver - bass

Kane Goulter - bass

Lachlan Anderson - bass


Flying Nun

Capital Recordings

Too Pure

Golden Antenna Recordings