Disasteradio Stories

Disasteradio - part 1

Luke Rowell grew up in Lower Hutt, just northeast of Wellington. Born in 1983, the youngest of three siblings, he was introduced to home computers, programming and synthesised music at an early age. His father, a former civil engineer, ran a glazing company. Every now and then, he’d take a product from a business as payment. “When I was six, he came home with a Commodore 64 home computer,” Rowell recalls.

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Disasteradio - part 2

Luke Rowell started 2008 touring New Zealand with Supergroove, before opening for the US mash-up DJ Girl Talk at Auckland’s Whammy Bar – and, with what would become a tradition, playing that year’s edition of Camp A Low Hum. Two weeks later, he headed to Melbourne for his first-ever Australian shows.

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