Harry Harrison Stories

Harry Harrison’s audio-visual projects

A selection of Harry Harrison’s audio-visual projects from the years 2002-2007, including Tusalava, Hokey Pokey, Chalice and A Rush of Blood.

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Harry Harrison: Christchurch’s live scene since the mid-1980s

For a smallish city, the Christchurch music scene has always been remarkably diverse. Pop, rock and blues bands and clubs dominated in the 1950s and 60s, with several well-patronised working men’s clubs and restaurants/bars for jazz lineups and covers bands. After punk hit with a thump in the 70s and music genres seemed to multiply exponentially, venues sprang up to accommodate, grunge, metal, Latin stylings, punk, art rock, country, trip hop, hip hop, trance, every kind of electronica and so on.

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