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The Loveridge brothers – selected discography

Murray Loveridge

With Dick Le Fort Trio:

‘Day In The Life’ (direct to disc lacquer) – circa 1968

With Quincy Conserve:

The Quincy Conserve (LP) Ode Records - ODE 067 – 1975
‘Rockin’ Chair’/’Super Strut’ (single) Ode Records ‎- ODE 585 –1975

With Captain Custard:

‘On Broadway’ – Radio Trax compilation – Radio New Zealand – TRAX 001 1978


‘Travellin’ Man’ b/w ‘Man Cry’ – Audio Earpiece - AUDIO 1 1988
Going Public (cassette album) – Independent release 1992

As Dusty Lovett:

‘The H Song’ – Independent release (limited run CDR) 2009

Fred Loveridge


‘Give Me Patience’ – Muster Whanganui Compilation – Ridgeway Records - RR002 1998
Demonstration Disc: ‘Overload’, ‘Abel’, ‘Something Turns To Nothing’ – Stiff Cheese (limited run CDR) - 2004.

With Re-set:

‘Hope You Feel The Same’/‘Livin’ In Harmony’ - 2018


Stille Ripple:

‘Loner Postponer’ b/w ‘My Uncle Ray’ (single) Sonic/Polygram – BOOM 009 – 1972

The Alpha Gospel Band:

Jesus for the 80s (cassette album) – Independent release 1982

The Zillionaires:

Git Ya Wah Wahs Out (CD album) - Dinosaur Records,1999

The Lick:

‘I See Through You’/’You’ll Never See My Face Again’ (single) 2004

Blues Buffet:

Appetiser (CD album) - independent release 2009 CDBUFF001 (Dist. Ode)
All You Can Eat Baby (CD album) - independent release 2011
Reality Show (CD album) - independent release 2016

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