Simon Grigg Stories

Simon Grigg Part 1 – no sleep ’til Hammersmith

While editing Rip It Up in the early 1980s, I flatted with Simon Grigg and observed the early signs of recording moguldom. Grigg invented the mobile phone. He got a friend who installed phones to give him a 20-foot phone cord which meant he never had to get out of bed or out of the bath to answer the phone. But to find the prototype mobile phone, flatmates had to find the cord in the hallway and follow it to the communication appliance.

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Simon Grigg Part 2 – the Club Scene and the OMC Scene

When Simon Grigg returned to New Zealand in 1985, his musical tastes had changed. He had been submerged in London club culture and even though he planned to be involved in releasing records again, the founder of Propeller Records had spoken to PWL (Peter Waterman’s pop/dance label) about licensing rights for New Zealand. We got used to these indignities; even Rip It Up writer and Flying Nun believer Russell Brown returned from London wearing shorts, a changed man, preaching the gospel of acid house. Punk was not to be the soundtrack for the new party people.

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