The Black Seeds Profile

Martyn Pepperell
Published: 14 May 2013
Updated: 12 Feb 2020

Formed in 1998, The Black Seeds are a globally successful reggae, funk, dub and rock crossover band from Wellington.

The band line-up comprises Barnaby Weir (vocals, guitar), Daniel Weetman (vocals, percussion), Tim Jaray (bass), Jarney Murphy (drums), Mike Fabulous (guitar, percussion) and Nigel Patterson (keyboards), supported by a rotating roster of session musicians. Past members of The Black Seeds have included Bret McKenzie, Shannon Williams, Rich Christie and Andrew Christiansen.

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Sometimes Enough
Barnaby Weir talks about the beginnings of The Black Seeds
Rusted Story (Live at the NZ Music Awards 2012)
The Answer
The Black Seeds
Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
Dust And Dirt (live at Lowlands 2012)
Nigel Patterson
Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
Mike Fabulous talks The Black Seeds on NZOWN
Jarney Murphy
Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
So True
Making Music - The Black Seeds (arts documentary)
Love Me Now
Keep On Pushing
Cracks In Our Crown
Pippy Pip
Hey Son
Real Groove, August 2006

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Barnaby Weir - vocals, guitar

Mike Fabulous - guitar, vocals

Jarney Murphy - drums

Nigel Patterson - keyboards

Daniel Weetman - vocals, mpc, percussion

Tim Jaray - bass