The Rayders Profile

Andrew Schmidt
23 May 2013

It didn’t do Auckland beat group The Seakers any harm to include "Ray" in their name, as they did in 1965 when they became The Rayders to avoid a clash with Australian pop-folk quartet The Seekers.

Ray Columbus and The Invaders had stunned the Australasian pop world with ‘She’s A Mod’ the year before. The Rayders had a legitimate claim to the name in drummer Ray Mullholland, who with guitarist Owen ‘Danny’ Campbell, bass player Lyndsay Mullholland and guitarist Brian McCarthy captured a typical beat/R&B set for release on Auckland’s Zodiac Records as Platterrack Raid With The Rayders.

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The 1965 album Platterrack Raid With The Rayders, issued by Zodiac
The Rayders
Photo credit: Kevin McNeil Collection



Brian McCarthy died in August 2010.

Clive Coulson had a surprise hit with the song Black Sally as lead singer of the Sydney-based Mecca in the late 1960s before moving back to England and becoming a roadie for Led Zeppelin and later manager for Bad Company. He died in early 2006.


Ray Mullholland - drums

Owen ‘Danny’ Campbell - guitar

Lyndsay Mullholland - bass

Brian McCarthy - guitar

Clive Coulson - vocals

Kevin McNeil - bass