The Rip Profile

Andrew Schmidt
24 May 2013

In the beautifully composed photograph that appears in Dunedin: An Essay, Nigel Yates’ visual study of left field Dunedin residents of the mid-1980s, Alastair Galbraith is leaning mid-span on the wrought iron St David Street footbridge at Otago University’s northern end.

The Rip’s guitarist and vocalist is smiling. He looks like a young James K. Baxter in long dark coat and light coloured boots, a doctor’s bag and cane on the path in front of him. A lit cigarette in one hand, the other clutching the bridge rail behind.

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Alastair Galbraith in Dunedin in the mid 1980s. Taken on the St David Street footbridge.
Photo credit: Photo by Nigel Yates
River Chasm
The Rip, 1984
The Rip: Alastair Galbraith, Jeff Harford and Robbie Muir
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Flying Nun publicity shot of The Rip
The Rip, 1985 - Alastair Galbraith, Jeff Harford, Robbie Muir
The Rip, with Alastair Galbraith up front, circa 1985
The Verlaines, The Chant and The R.I.P. at the Dunedin Music Centre, 28th January, 1983
Photo credit: Graeme Hill Collection
The 1987 Stormed Port 12-inch EP, released via Flying Nun
1985 Verlaines, Rip and Weeds poster
Photo credit: Design by Robert Scott

Alastair Galbraith - Vocals, Guitar

Robbie Muir - Bass

Matthew Ransom - Drums

Jeff Harford - Drums


Flying Nun