Anna Leah

Sunday nights in New Zealand during the early 1970s were about two things: roast beef and TV talent show Studio One. The nation sat transfixed as a team of male judges in penguin suits quibbled over new artists and songs.

Decades before the Idol and X Factor formats, this squad of pop “experts” let fly, often at each other, dishing out savage feedback on novelty and family acts, soft rock groups and assorted crooners. And all in black and white. Many remember the night glam rockers Space Waltz stunned the judges (and the country) in the New Faces section with 'Out On The Street'. But singer and composer Anna Leah and her infuriatingly catchy song 'Love Bug' caught the spirit of 1970s TV light entertainment in one cute nutshell.

Anna Leah donating Easter Eggs to Wellington's 2ZM, in April 1974 – with her new single clearly placed.
Photo credit: The Dominion Post Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library. EP/1974/1619/19-F
Picture sleeve, Anna Leah - Love Bug (EMI, 1973).
Anna Leah
Photo credit: Robert Joiner, NZBC
One of a handful of recordings done by Anna Leah after she moved to Australia
There seem to be very few shots of Anna Leah taken during her New Zealand recording years. This was taken for her 1976 album Reborn.
Artwork designed by Kevin Dunkley for Anna’s only album, released in 1976. Produced by Rick White, the band on the album was Rockinghorse, with backing vocals by Sharon O’Neill.
Anna Leah - Blacksmith Blues, RATA Awards 1974 (low quality)
Anna Leah - Love Bug, a runaway hit for EMI in 1973, reaching No.3 on the charts.
Anna Leah in the early 1970s


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