Artisan Guns

From the start, Artisan Guns were one of those talented acts where each member seemed destined for great things. 'Autumn', a song from their first EP, was a nominee for a Silver Scroll Award but their progress was slowed by their obsessive approach to recording their 2012 debut album, Coral.

Matthew Hope began writing his first songs in the mould of Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt while still at high school and enlisted his friend Reuben Stephens to form a band.

Artisan Guns: Alexander Freer, Matthew Hope, Reuben Stephens and Jonathan Pearce
The 2012 album Coral
Artisan Guns, clockwise from top left: Matthew Hope, Jonathan Pearce, Reuben Stephens, and Alexander Freer
Pulled You In (2012, directed by Reuben Stephens, produced and edited by Reuben Stephens and Matthew Hope)
Baby Blue (live at Roundhead for 95bFM In Session, 2012)
Artisan Guns: Jonathan Pearce, Reuben Stephens, Alexander Freer and Matthew Hope
A 2010 Artisan Guns promo shot
Autumn (2009)
Pulled You In (live at Roundhead for 95bFM In Session, 2012)
Artisan Guns



Matthew Hope - vocals, guitar

Jonathan Pearce - guitar, keyboards

Reuben Stephens - bass

Alex Freer - drums

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