Avalanche City

Since first bursting onto the scene in 2011, Avalanche City has charmed the public of New Zealand with light and energetic indie folk-pop tunes. Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Baxter is the creative force responsible for Avalanche City, a fun-loving, personable man with an ear for a catchy hook and a talent for writing poetic lyrics.

Dave Baxter was born in the UK, but when he was six months old he emigrated to New Zealand with his parents. Baxter grew up in Tauranga until the age of 10, when he moved to Hamilton for the next 10 years. As he recounted to Tearaway magazine in 2016, Baxter was musically inclined from a young age. 

Avalanche City - Ends In The Ocean (2011)
Avalanche City - Prayed For Love single (2019)
Avalanche City - Love Love Love, 2011
Avalanche City - You And I (2011)
Avalanche City - My Babylon (2019)
Avalanche City - My Babylon (2019)
Avalanche City - 13th Floor video session, 2015
Avalanche City - We Are For The Wild Places (2015)
Avalanche City - Our New Life (2011)
Avalanche City - Keep Finding A Way (2015)
Dave Baxter - Whispers (2012)
Avalanche City - Inside Out, 2015
Avalanche City - Little Fire (2016)
Dave Baxter / Avalanche City performs ‘Prayed for Love’ – RNZ, 2018
Dave Baxter, Avalanche City, 2016
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Avalanche City - Sunset (2012)
Avalanche City, Luke Thompson - poster for 2013 acoustic tour
Dave Baxter, Avalanche City
Photo credit: Publicity image
Avalanche City - Prayed for Love (2018)
Dave Baxter, Avalanche City
Photo credit: Publicity image

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