Chris Malcolm

Responsible for one of the most affecting psychedelic pop singles of the 60s, Chris Malcolm was born in Wellington during the latter years of World War II. Malcolm’s New Zealand mother was a war bride, married to an American serviceman.

After the conflict in the Pacific ended, the family moved to Miami Beach, Florida, where Malcolm grew up. As a teenager in Miami Beach, Malcolm took an interest in music and played in many local garage bands that catered to private teenage parties.

From the Dominion Sunday Times, December 10, 1967
Chris Malcolm
Photo credit: Grant Gillanders Collection
Chris Malcolm (right) with The Avengers, taken in Wellington in 1967 when Malcolm was working with the band

The Chris Malcolm-penned Everyone's Gonna Wonder was a No.7 hit for The Avengers in September 1967. In 1994 it was covered by Dunedin supergroup Pop Art Toasters, which included Martin Phillipps (The Chills) and David Kilgour (The Clean) among its members.

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