Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson was born in England but grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand. He started by playing weekly church youth club dances in high school band The Paragons but eventually returned to the UK, where his career took off in acts including Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Night. His biggest success has been co-writing John Farnham's worldwide hit 'You're The Voice'. 

Because of his similar name, and the fact they both grew up in Hamilton, the 'You're The Voice' Chris Thompson is often confused with the troubadour Chris Thompson.

Chris Thompson in Mandrake, 1970
Photo credit: Photo by Malcolm Curson
Chris Thompson (2nd from left in the rear) with Manfred Mann's Eath Band
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light
Chris Thompson's NZ tour in 1987. Thompson was the first New Zealander to feature on a No.1 US single.
Mandrake, Hamilton 1970, with Chris Thompson on left
Photo credit: Photo by Malcolm Curson
Night in 1979 with Chris Thompson in the centre
Chris Thompson/Manfred Mann - Mighty Quinn (The Night of The Proms)


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