Connan Mockasin

aka Connan Tant Hosford

Connan Mockasin is unique. This much is apparent to anyone who encounters him. It’s a uniqueness that the whole world seems to want a piece. Fashion designer Karen Walker calls him “a modern icon”. He has been covered by David Byrne and Anna Calvi, has collaborated with James Blake and John Cale. Peckham post-punksters Fat White People have paid tribute to him in a song, ‘I Want To Be In Connan Mockasin’s Band’.

Writing in international fashion bible Vogue, Steff Yotka describes him thus: “Kiwi-born, he’s a groovy, lively musician who started his career in London before touring with Charlotte Gainsbourg and then Radiohead in 2012, and settling in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Hiromi Oshima. But the facts don’t really do justice to the surreal, serene, oddly sexual music he creates.”

Forever Dolphin Love
Connan Mockasin - Egon Hosford (2008)
Connan Mockasin.
Connan Mockasin.
Connan Mockasin - Shaved Buckley (2021)
Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters Two (2021)
Connan Mocasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You (2013)
Faking Jazz Together
It's Choade My Dear
Connan Mockasin (ALH tour 2005)
Video still from Forever Dolphin Love.
Connan Mockasin Jassbusters live (2016)
Connan Mockasin at the Treefort music festival, Boise, Idaho, 25 March 2018. Liam Finn on drums.
Photo credit: Jessica Ferguson
Connan Mockasin, Haldern Pop Festival, 2013.
Photo credit: Rainer Knäpper, Free Art License
Connan Mockasin reading an early issue of A Low Hum
Connan and the Mockasins - Skies Are For Flying
Connan Mockasin's early trio at a bFM live-to-air. From left, Connan Mockaskin, Ross Walker on double bass, and Seamus Ebbs on drums
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Connan Mockasin.
Connan Mockasin on harp, for bFM
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Connan Mockasin, live to air for bFM; bassist Ross Walker at right. 
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters (2018)
Connan Mockasin, Primavera Sound 2014, Parc del Fòrum, Barcelona.
Photo credit: Toni Rosado - ScannerFM_Flickr
NZ tour 2006.
Photo credit: Christopher Anderson collection
Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?
Connan and the Mockasins - Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend
Connan Mockasin.
Photo credit: Matt Cheetham
Connan Mockasin, left, and Charlotte Gainsbourg, 16 May 2012, Razzmatazz (Barcelona).
Photo credit: Toni Rosado
Connan Mockasin supporting Warpaint at The Junction, Cambridge, 11 May, 2011.
Connan Mockasin, left, with his early lineup: Ross Walker, centre, and Seamus Ebbs. 
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Connan Mockasin

Because Music

Phantasy Sound

Mexican Summer


Hosford may or may not have played and recorded his own Michael Jackson covers at age five.

He spent a stint working in vineyards and acting in theatre in Hawke's Bay before relocating to Wellington.

When he was a small child, Hosford's parents let him build his own carnival rides in the backyard.

Contrary to popular belief, Hosford is not a classically or jazz-trained musician, and no, he did not attend jazz school in Wellington.

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