Cut Off Your Hands

Cut Off Your Hands are known for their brand of high-energy post-punk. Relentless touring saw them clock up countless frequent flyer miles and tear up stages alongside a who’s who of indie rock bands worldwide.

The departure of vocalist Djeisan Suskov from Auckland band Nova Echo led the remaining members to form The Shaky Hands.

Cut Off Your Hands interview on NZOWN
L to R: Brent Harris, Phil Hadfield, Nick Johnston, Michael Ramirez
Cut off Your Hands: Hollow 18-7-11 Radio Wammo Show
L to R: Jonathan Lee, Brent Harris, Nick Johnston, Phil Hadfield
Nick Johnston from the Expectations video shoot
Nick Johnston in the crowd
November, 2012
Cut Off Your Hands at SXSW, Texas 2009. L to R: Jonathan Lee, Nick Johnston, Brent Harris, Phil Hadfield.
A poster from June 2011
L to R: Phil Hadfield, Brent Harris, Nick Johnston, Michael Ramirez
L to R: Brent Harris, Phil Hadfield, Nick Johnston, Jonathan Lee
Cut Off Your Hands - clockwise from top: Michael Ramirez, Nick Johnston, Phil Hadfield, Brent Harris
Nick Johnston
Phil Hadfield from the Expectations video shoot
Live @ The FADER/AT&T Sideshow 2007
Michael Ramirez from the Expectations video shoot
Oh Girl live at the VNZMAs 2008
Turn Cold
Brent Harris from the Expectations video shoot
Still Fond
Cut Off Your Hands
At the 2008 New Zealand Music Awards
Recording at the Killing Rooms, Kingsland 2012
2009 Cut Off Your Hands tour schedule
Setlist from November 2012
Let's Get Out Of Here

The album artwork for Blue on Blue features braille translations for the band's name and the title.

The band has an ongoing relationship with Joel Kefali from music video production company Special Problems, who has produced all of the band’s music videos and artwork.


Nick Johnston - vocals

Phillip Hadfield - bass

Michael Ramirez - guitar

Brent Harris - drums

Jonathan Lee - guitar

Elroy Finn - drums


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Frenchkiss Records




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