Dianne Swann

Playing live to 85,000 people. Signing to two international labels. Recording with Radiohead. Having her song ‘Birthday’ chosen as NME single of the week. These are just some of the highlights of Dianne Swann’s career as a vocalist, songwriter, and performer. 

They are career highlights that most artists would sell their soul for. However, the karmic universe can be cruel, and these highs were balanced by crashing disillusionment with the London music scene; enough to sent Swann back home to successfully re-establish her career.

Everything That Flies - Bleeding Hearts (1985)
When The Cat's Away, Bowl of Brooklands, 1988. Margaret Urlich, Debbie Harwood, Dianne Swann.
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection. Photo by Kerry Brown
The Bads in 2017: Dianne Swann and Brett Adams

When The Cat's Away doing the 60s theme
Photo credit: Dianne Swann Collection
Dianne Swann - 'Show Your Heart' (2020)
SJD, The Bads and Mulholland at The King's Arms, March 2014
When The Cat's Away - Melting Pot (1988)
The Julie Dophin, London
The Bads, 2017
Dianne Swann - The War on Peace (2021)
Dianne Swann, 1986
Everything That Flies - As The Sun Goes Down
Dianne Swann - Something Good
Dianne and Brett on the cover of NZ Musician, February/March 2013
Dianne Swann.
The Bads - So Alive (2009)
Dianne Swann, 2021.

Photo credit: Si Moore
Boom Boom Mancini - Brett Adams, Geoff Hayden, Dianne Swann, Nick Yeatman
The Bads - Drop In The Ocean (2009)
Everything That Flies, 1986. L to R: Wayne Bell, Clive Sheridan, Peter Harrison, Dave Manning, Bruce Sheridan, Dianne Swann
Photo credit: Photo by Kerry Brown
Dianne Swann and Brett Adams
Tim Finn with The Bads, September, 2013
Boom Boom Mancini, late 1990s, London
Setlist for The Julie Dolphin, Radiohead support, Portsmouth, 4 October 1994
The Bads
The Bads' 2017 album, Losing Heroes

Pink Flamingos 2009 - Dave McArtney with Dave Khan, Dianne Swann, Earl Robertson
Dianne Swann, The War on Peace tour poster.
Dianne Swann - Losing the War on Peace of Mind (2021)
Dianne Swann with The Julie Dolphin, Bedford, UK, 1995
Photo credit: Photo by by David Rose
The Bads - California (2013)


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Dianne Swann was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame in 2021. The Hall of Fame is an initiative of Recorded Music NZ and the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), whose support of AudioCulture enables the site to stream music content.

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