Flip Grater

aka Clare Grater

Flip Grater has played a pivotal role in New Zealand’s indie-folk scene, and through her music she has established a following in Europe. Her love of food, music and travelling has led her to publish several albums as well as cookbook tour diaries.

The Cantabrian’s ambitious nature has also led to her involvement with activism, recreational sports, film work, and running a vegan deli and wine bar in Christchurch.

Flip Grater - Cage for a Song (2006)
Flip Grater.
Making of Pigalle, 2014
Flip Grater - Be All and End All (Maiden Records, 2008)
Flip Grater - Lullabies for Anaïs EP release, supported by Terrible Sons, 2019.
Flip Grater - La Truffe Finale, Canterbury Truffle Festival, July 2015. 
Keeping good company in NZ Musician magazine in April 2014 are (from left) Little Lapin, Flip Grater, Tami Neilson, and Tiny Ruins. 
‘Hide and Seek’, 2014
Flip Grater: she received advice from Delaney Davidson with performing - and faking confidence - on stage.
Flip Grater.
Flip Grater - While I'm Awake I'm At War (2010)
‘The Quit’, 2013
Flip Grater - The Cookbook Tour Europe – Adventures in Food and Music (2011)
‘I Am Gone’, 2011
Flip Grater - Pigalle (2014)
Flip Grater: when she chose a vegan philosophy, her culinary skills were prompted by her mother’s refusal to cook her a separate meal.
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Flip Grater - Lullabies for Anais (2018)

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