Gary Daverne was the music teacher at Auckland's Glendowie College and desperately needed a group of female backing vocalists for his recently formed Viscount Record label, which he moved under the wing of his cousin Eldred Stebbing’s Zodiac label.

After auditioning all of the College’s hopefuls, Daverne chose Susan Redfern, Sharon Swain, Barbara Brown, Louise Girvan and Barbara Stitchbury.

The Glendelles
Photo credit: Gary Daverne Collection
The Glendelles performing at an unknown Auckland venue
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
The 1964 Popsicles & Icicles single, written by David Gates who would later go on to some fame as the lead vocalist of US soft-rockers Bread
The Glendelles, from left: Sharon Swain, Barbara Stictchbury, Louise Girven, Barbara Brown and Susan Redfern.
Photo credit: Gary Daverne Collection



Susan Redfern - vocals

Sharon Swain - vocals

Barbara Brown - vocals

Louise Girvan - vocals

Barbara Stitchbury - vocals

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