Goodnight Nurse

Goodnight Nurse formed in 2001 after bass player Paul Taite responded to a flyer placed in Auckland University bar Shadows by frontman Joel Little and drummer Jaden Parkes.

A pop-rock band with punk influences, they were often labelled as New Zealand's answer to US pop-punk bands such as Green Day and Blink-182. Their prolific live shows and playful, radio friendly singles resulted in a large and dedicated online following. From 2004 to 2008 the band had five singles in the NZ Top 40.

Goodnight Nurse - Death Goes To Disco
Goodnight Nurse: Jaden Parkes, Rowan Clarke, Sam McCarthy, Joel Little.
My Only
Goodnight Nurse: Sam McCarthy, Rowan Clarke, Joel Little, Jaden Parkes.
Goodnight Nurse: Sam McCarthy, Jaden Parkes, Rowan Clarke, Joel Little.
Goodnight Nurse: Jaden Parkes, Rowan Clarke, Joel Little, Sam McCarthy.
The Night
Our Song
Lay With Me


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Joel Little - vocals, guitar

Jaden Parkes - drums, vocals

Paul Taite - bass, vocals

Sam McCarthy - guitar, vocals

Rowan Crowe - bass


Joel Little's mother, Trish Scott, was a founding guitarist in the famed New Zealand punk band The Suburban Reptiles in 1977

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