I Am Giant

I Am Giant dominated New Zealand rock radio for 10 years and performed all over the world with a variety of different band lineups. The two founding members, Paul Matthews and Shelton Woolright, put in years of hard work and toured extensively to leave a musical legacy and fans around the globe.

Both Woolright and Matthews were already very experienced musicians prior to I Am Giant’s conception. Woolright was the drummer for the very successful nu-metal band Blindspott, where he received a taste of how big the international music scene was when they played in Indonesia. Matthews played bass for Tadpole and Stylus, and was also a respected producer who knew Woolright from working on Blindspott’s self-titled debut album, and from jamming together in party bands in Auckland.

I Am Giant, summer tour 2010-2011
I Am Giant - Death Of You (2015)
I Am Giant's 2013 'Neon Surprise' Australian tour
I Am Giant - City Limits (2011)
I Am Giant - Purple Heart (2012)
Life in Captivity - the final I Am Giant tour of New Zealand, 2018
I Am Giant - Neon Sunrise (2011)
I Am Giant, from left: Shelton Woolright, Aja Timu, Paul Matthews.
I Am Giant's UK tour for 'Science & Survival', 2014
I Am Giant - Living The Crash (2011)
I Am Giant - Kiss From A Ghost (2015)
I Am Giant, 2011.
I Am Giant - Transmission (2014)
I Am Giant - Death Of You (behind the scenes)
I Am Giant, Australian tour 2012.
I Am Giant.
I Am Giant - Razor Wire Reality (2013)
I Am Giant - And We'll Defy (2011)
I Am Giant - Standing On The Sun (2014)
I Am Giant's 2010 'State of Rock' tour, supported by Luger Boa. 
I Am Giant's UK tour for 'Science & Survival', 2014
I Am Giant - Single release party, 2017
I Am Giant - Let It Go (2011)
I Am Giant - Science and Survival: in the Studio (behind the scenes)

Shelton Woolright - drums

Paul Matthews - bass




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