Jamie McDell

Starting in country-pop and later making the shift to more traditional country, Jamie McDell’s career has been shaped by her honesty and commitment to authentic artistic expression – a quality that endears her to a strong and loyal fanbase.

Growing up in a musical family in Auckland in the 1990s, McDell’s introduction to music began at an early age, in the form of old-school country icons such as John Denver and Jimmy Buffett. 

Jamie McDell
Jamie McDell backstage as the support act for Demi Lovato, 2015.
Jamie McDell: "a fun-loving surfer girl persona and a light, warm-tinged country-pop musical vibe".
Jamie McDell: the album Extraordinary Girl, recorded in Nashville, was more raw and unpolished than her previous work. 
Jamie McDell writes a letter to her fans, 2013.
Jamie McDell, 2022.
Jamie McDell feat. Kasey Chambers - Tori (2018)
Jamie McDell in the vocal booth at York Street Recording Studio working on Six Strings And A Sailboat, 2012.
Jamie McDell - Running Now (2018)
Jamie McDell - Back Of My Mind ft. Rai Thistlethwayte (2015)
Jamie McDell filming the music video for 'Crash', 2014.
Jamie McDell - Ask Me Anything (2015)
Jamie McDell: her self-titled fourth album, released in 2022, is her most traditional country sounding release.
Jamie McDell's first song, written when she was seven, was about a dolphin.
Jamie McDell - Angel (2013)
Jamie McDell - Rewind (2012)
Jamie McDell - Crash (2014)
Jamie McDell at the NZ Music Awards, 2013. Scotty Pearson of Elemeno P at right. 
Jamie McDell's lyrics for 'Crash', 2014.
Jamie McDell - Moon Shines Red (2015)
Jamie McDell - Six Strings and a Sailboat track listing, 2012.
Jamie McDell - Dream Team (2021)
Jamie McDell filming the Life In Sunshine music video, 2012.
Jamie McDell - Dumb (2014)
Jamie McDell outside York Street Recording Studio during the recording of Six Strings And A Sailboat, 2014, with Stephen Small (keyboards, left).
Jamie McDell - Life In Sunshine (2012)
Jamie McDell - Botox (2019)
Jamie McDell recording Dunes at The Lab Recording Studio, Auckland.
Jamie McDell - Limousine Running (2022)
Jamie McDell's self-titled 2022 album.
Lyrics and chords to Jamie McDell's 'Angel', 2012.
Jamie McDell - You'll Never Take That Away (2012)
Jamie McDell's rehearsal set list for Wellington's Homegrown Festival, 2016.



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