Jason Harding

aka Clinton Smiley

A pivotal figure in the capital's musical landscape for over a decade and a person who found himself defining Wellington's nightlife as well as helming an important independent record label, Jason Harding's world came to an abrupt full-stop in 2006.

Jason Harding has posted as a journalist for various magazines and newspapers, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and English Literature, and along with Brent Gleave, co-founded the record label Capital Recordings, a Wellington label that, at the turn of the millennium, was responsible for releasing early music from Die! Die! Die!, The Phoenix Foundation and Jet Jaguar, amongst others.

Clinton Smiley - The Gathering - Motueka - 2000
Photo credit: E J Mathers collection
Jason Harding and Brent Gleave, the Capital Recordings crew
Photo credit: Eric Wang
Five Foot Tongue - a multimedia event in Wellington's The Building in April 1992 with Projector Mix, Gifted & Brown, Clinton Smiley, Stinky Jim, Leaders Of Style, A Fist Full Of Fashion, Soane and others
Más-if at the Willis Street Village, 19 December 1998.
Jason Harding
Photo credit: Rachel Browne
Más-if at the Willis Street Village, 13 February 1999: non-stop vinyl from Beatnik, Tank Girl, Cian, and Clint Smiley.
Jason Harding, aka Clinton Smiley, 1996. 
Photo credit: Malcolm Brow
 Clinton Smiley in Willis St, Wellington.
Jason Harding aka Clinton Smiley (left) with Leon Baldock (Coda). 
Photo credit: Nerissa O'Donnell
Jason Harding aka Clinton Smiley, 3 June 2002. 
Juice² with DJ Clinton, 24 June 1999.
Jason Harding
Photo credit: Nerissa O'Donnell
Two snaps of Jason Harding aka Clinton Smiley; the one in the smiley T-shirt is from 29 December 1988.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection

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