Jimmie Sloggett

aka Jimmy Sloggett, Jimmy Sloggett Five

In the pioneering days of rock and roll in New Zealand, the saxophone was more likely to be the instrument for a flashy solo than a lead guitar. Leading young players such as Bernie Allen recorded sessions for Johnny Devlin and others, then returned to their first love, jazz.

By the early 1960s, the guitar had taken over. If a sax featured on a local rock or pop record, it was likely to be the work of one man, an Australian. Jimmie Sloggett arrived here in 1963, aged 23, after marrying Auckland singer Carol Davies. They met in Sydney when both appeared on Johnny O’Keefe’s TV show, Six O’Clock Rock. In Auckland, Sloggett hit the ground running; within days he was playing with Max Merritt and his Meteors, and Herma Keil.

The Sax Man EP from 1964 on Viking
Jimmie Sloggett and Andy Cowan, taken by John Weeks at Burrinja, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 9 September 2011
Photo credit: Photo by John Weeks
A floorshow at the Logan Park Motor Hotel, with Jimmie Sloggett and his band at the Logan Park Motor Hotel, Greenlane, October 1966.
Photo credit: Rykenberg Collection, Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 1269-19661012-21
Lew Pryme - Gracious Lady (1968)
Jimmie Sloggett with Johnny O'Keefe and drummer Catfish Purser in the early 1960s
Jimmie Sloggett and band in Gisborne, 1964
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
The 1964 The Battle of Yakety Sax album
The original session notes for Sandy Edmonds' 1968 recording of the backing of her hit When You Walk In The Room. The session was produced by Jimmie Sloggett and the musicians included Billy Kristian, Bruce King, Murray Tanner, Gray Bartlett and Mike Walker.
Photo credit: Phil Warren archive
Jimmie Sloggett at Capers, Melbourne, 2009
Photo credit: Gavan Anderson collection
A John Weeks image of Jimmie Sloggett playing with Andy Cowan, Burrinja, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 9 September 2011
Photo credit: Photo by John Weeks
Jimmie Sloggett and his band performing at the Logan Park Motor Hotel, Greenlane, October 1966. Among the other musicians are Kevin Haines on bass and Ray Edmondson, drums. 
Photo credit: Rykenberg; Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections, 1269-19661012-11
Merv Thomas and Jimmie Sloggett at the Montmartre, Auckland. Thomas played on many sessions arranged by Sloggett. 
Photo credit: Merv Thomas Collection
The Keil Isles, mid 1960s - front: Jimmie Sloggett, Herma Keil, Dave Williamson, centre: Brian Henderson, George Barna, Doug Jerebine, back: John Blake
Microphone info for the Jimmie Sloggett band as it appeared on the 1964 The Battle of Yakety Sax album
Jimmie Sloggett with The Deejays, 1960
Jimmie Sloggett from the 1967 C'mon tour programme
Jimmie Sloggett in 1967
Jimmie Sloggett with The Modernaires in the late 1950s
Cowabunga (1963)
Andy Cowan Band - Girl In The Garden, with Jimmie Sloggett, 2012
The Jimmie Sloggett Inn Group, 1967: Kevin Haines, John Pickworth, Jimmie and Bruce King



Amongst the bands Jimmie played with in Australia before he moved to New Zealand were The Moderrnaires and Johnny O'Keefe's backing band The Dee Jays.

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