Jody Direen

New Zealand country-pop dynamo Jody Direen had already been taken under the wing of a prominent Australian promoter when she was courted in Nashville in 2013 by representatives of one of the world’s most successful reality television stars.

On her way to winning the Horizon Award at the National Country Music Awards in Hamilton in 2012, Direen caught the eye of CMC Rocks co-founder Rob Potts, a judge at the awards, who would book her on multiple country music festivals throughout Australia.

Jody Direen
Jody Direen - You're the One (live on RNZ, 2015)
Jody Direen - The Thing Is (2021)
Jody Direen - All Nighter (2019)
Jody Direen in a publicity photo
Jody Direen - Gimme the Beat (2016)
Jody Direen - Fight (2017)
Jody Direen's Smokin' Ashes album (ABC Music/Universal, 2020)

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