Life In The Fridge Exists

Life In The Fridge Exists left just three songs from their brief late 1970s, early 1980s existence, the best being a sharp-edged version of ‘Have You Checked The Children?’ from **** (Four Stars), the 1981 compilation from Sausage Records that captured the peaking Wellington post-punk scene.

The fractured rocker had a twin vocal assault courtesy of Sam Swan and Sue Forbes and a menacing cyclic riff from Nick Swan (guitar), Nino Birch (bass) and drummer Alison, and featured strongly in Chris Knox’s November 1980 street view documentary on the Wellington Terrace Scene.

Have You Checked The Children
David McLennan reviews L.I.F.E. at Rockfest, Billy The Club, July 1980 in Wellington's In Touch magazine
LIFE at Thistle Hall, Wellington
Photo credit: Up The Punks
Raw footage from The Terrace Scene
The Phil O'Brien Song



Nino Birch - bass

Sue Forbes - vocals

Sam Swan - vocals

Adrienne Hally - guitar, bass

Mike Gallagher - vocals, guitar

Nick Swan - guitar

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