Lisa Crawley

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Lisa Crawley is most at home behind the piano, whether she’s performing in music venues, jazz lounges, hotel lobbies or on national television. Together with her natural ear for music and a refreshingly honest onstage presence, she produces heartfelt, authentic pop songs.

Her involvement in music began at a young age. Recorder lessons paved the way for classical training in clarinet and piano; the latter became her main tool for songwriting and performing. She also plays guitar, recorder, melodica, Omnichord and keytar, making her a sought-after session musician.

Lisa Crawley in Velez.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Lisa Crawley at Frieda Margolis, Grey Lynn, Auckland, November 2014
Lisa Crawley
Lisa Crawley - Tide Is Low (2013)
Lisa Crawley with Rodney Fisher at Bush Ball, London
Lisa Crawley's 2011 album Everything That I Have Seen
Baby It's Fine (2018)
Lisa Crawley recording All In My Head at Revolver Studios, Waiuku, with Djeisan Suskov and Sam Taylor
Photo credit: Photo by Paul Petch
Lisa Crawley - Back To You (2009)
Lisa Crawley - Wish You Well (2010)
Lisa Crawley in Velez.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Lisa Crawley - You Won't Be There (2011)
Lisa Crawley and Velez.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Lisa Crawley - What Would I Give (2013)
Lisa Crawley
All In My Head, Lisa Crawley's 2013 album
Lisa Crawley - Best Friend (2013)
Hello, Goodbye and Everything Inbetween, Lisa Crawley's EP from May 2009
Elizabeth (2013)
Lisa Crawley - Trying Out Tonight (2007)
Lisa Crawley, 2014
A still taken from the music video for Stranger
Photo credit: Photo by Glen Thompson
Lisa Crawley - Blind Eyes (2011)
These Friends of Mine (2010, from EP Hello Goodbye and Everything Inbetween)
Lisa Crawley at the Lomond Hotel, Melbourne, November, 2014
Lisa Crawley, Velez.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
At The Whiskey Live at Ponsonby's The Whiskey in May 2012 with Don McGlashan and venue owner Andrew Bruce
Lisa Crawley - Leaving (2011)
Lisa Crawley
Lisa Crawley - Best Thing in the Room
Lisa Crawley - Show You What Love Is (2020)


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