Luger Boa

Luger Boa was the brainchild of Jimmy Christmas, former singer/guitarist for internationally successful NZ garage rockers The D4, who combined melodic choruses, loud guitars and glam swagger to create larger-than-life rock madness.

Two years after The D4 decided to take an indefinite break, guitarist and lead vocalist Jimmy Christmas immersed himself in books about humanity, evolution and mutation. Ditching his signature mutton chop sideburns and shaggy blonde hair in the process, Christmas reimagined himself as a character he likens to “a James Bond villain or a sci-fi hitman” while retaining the onstage flair and energy that made The D4 one of the country’s most exciting live acts. His newly found character and inspiration resulted in the creation of the pseudonym Luger Boa, a name bearing the yin-yang qualities of something both metallic and organic – a Luger pistol and a snake.

Simon Nicholls
Generic 2009 Luger Boa graphic used in posters
Luger Boa - New Hot Nights
Jimmy Christmas, Big Day Out 2009
For the launch of the 2008 Mutate or Die! album Luger Boa played in a boxing ring
Luger Boa - Lazy
Jimmy Christmas in Japan, 2012
Big Day Out, 2008
Live in Japan, 2012
Luger Boa - Joe Lockley, Sam McElhinney, Simon Nicholls, Johnny Lyon and Jimmy Christmas
2008 Luger Boa press shot
Jimmy Christmas flanked by Ryan Thomas and Sam Lockley - Balcony TV, June 2010
Ryan Thomas
Shayne Carter, Shihad and Luger Boa backstage at the 2010 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. Luger Boa had just performed a Shihad medley as Shihad were inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
Luger Boa 2009 - Ryan Thomas, Simon Nicholls, Jimmy Christmas, Joe McElhinney and Sam Lockley
Photo credit: Photograph by Jason Hailes
I Wanna Girlfriend, the 2008 single
2008 Luger Boa press shot
2008 Luger Boa press shot
Luger Boa plays a tribute to Legacy Award winners Shihad at the 2010 VNZMAs
Luger Boa - Paralyzed
2008 Luger Boa press shot
Luger Boa, The Checks, The Ladybirds, 2012

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Jimmy Christmas - vocals, guitar

Simon Nicholls - bass

Sam Lockley - guitar

Joe McElhinney - drums

Johnny Lyon - guitar

Karl Kippenberger - bass

Daniel "Beaver" Pooley - drums

Ryan Thomas - guitar

Mark Reece - drums

Mareea Paterson - bass

Luke Casey - drums

Dave Rowlands - guitar

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