A popular punk band from Auckland's North Shore in the 1990s, Muckhole got started playing around the Shore and local surf club parties.

The only member with significant live playing experience was drummer Jason Ennor who had been in the Malchicks. The other band members were Sean O’Brien (vocals), Scott Patterson (guitar) and Aaron Peck (bass).

'Cool Guy' CD single, 1997
Pop Out Punk
Sean O’Brien
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Cool Guy

A notable gig in Muckhole’s brief history was a 1997 Xmas Eve Party at the North Shore skate shop Off The Lip where noise control were called, so the PA was moved to the front of the shop to face in the opposite direction. With a young surfing and skating audience wanting something to do on Xmas Eve, Muckhole played their new album three times. All good things come to an end and in the early hours of Xmas morning the police were called and the crowd dispersed.




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Jason Ennor - drums

Sean O’Brien - vocals

Scott Patterson - guitar

Aaron Peck - bass

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