Nocturnal Projections

Nocturnal Projections’ soaring harmonic avant rock was one of New Zealand’s stand-out responses to the bottomless pool of left-field sound coming out of the United Kingdom in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The New Plymouth post-punk quartet of Peter and Graeme Jefferies (vocals, guitar), Brett Jones (bass) and Gordon Rutherford (drums) were resident at New Plymouth’s Lion Tavern from July 1981 until February 1982, where they built up the dynamic, nervy set they took to Auckland in March. There they linked up with the Queen city’s strong post-punk crop for performances at The Reverb Room, Rumba Bar, city halls and Mainstreet cabaret.

Brett Jones, Peter Jefferies, Andrew Frengley (sound), Graeme Jefferies, Gordon Rutherford
Photo credit: Graeme Jeffries Collection
Graeme Jefferies with Nocturnal Projections, 1981
In Purgatory
Ad for 'Nerve Ends In Powerlines', 1982
Photo credit: Andrew Schmidt Collection
Gordon Rutherford with Nocturnal Projections, Lion Tavern, 1981
Andrew Frengley, Gordon Rutherford, Graeme Jefferies, Brett Jones, Peter Jefferies
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Nerve Ends in Power Lines, 1995
Photo credit: Graeme Jeffries Collection
Nocturnal Projections, late 1981: Peter Jefferies, Graeme Jefferies, Brett Jones and Gordon Rutherford
Peter Jefferies with Nocturnal Projections, New Plymouth 1981
Pink Noise was Graeme and Peter Jefferies band prior to Nocturnal Projections. Lion Tavern, October 1980
Nocturnal Projections at the Onerahi Hotel, Whangarei, June 1982
Nocturnal Projections at the Westown Public Hall, March 1981
The first cassette from 1981
Photo credit: Graeme Jeffries Collection
Nocturnal Projections, 13 February 1981
Photo credit: Graeme Jeffries Collection
Gordon Rutherford and Brett Jones, Nocturnal Projections, Lion Tavern, 1981
Peter Jefferies on Nocturnal Projections (Ross Cunningham interview, December 2016)
Graeme Jefferies with Nocturnal Projections at The Lion Tavern, 1981
Nocturnal Projections
Out of My Hands
Worldview 7" compilation from 1998
Photo credit: Graeme Jeffries Collection
Peter Jefferies and Brett Jones, Nocturnal Projections, Lion Tavern, 1981
Nocturnal Projections, Auckland 1982
The second cassette, from 1981
Photo credit: Graeme Jeffries Collection
Nocturnal Projections, Lion Tavern, New Plymouth, 28–29 August, 1981
Nocturnal Projections at St. Josephs Hall, New Plymouth, March 1981
99 Change Hands at the Piccadilly, February 14, 1981. After the 4th gig they would be renamed as Nocturnal Projections.

Gordon Rutherford became an in demand soundman in Auckland, who later drummed in Muttongun, a 1990s outfit with Justin Harwood, who released two albums.

Peter Jefferies was a central mover in Xpressway Records.


Peter Jefferies - vocals

Graeme Jefferies - guitar

Brett Jones - bass

Gordon Rutherford - drums


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