Paul Walden

Paul Walden grew up in a large musical family, by the banks of the Whanganui River. His father, Ben Tamatea Walden, was a talented singer, pianist, dancer and juggler and tutored his four children. By the age of four Walden was singing on stage with his twin brother and his two sisters, mainly hymns and traditional Māori music.

After leaving secondary school Walden joined his sister Mary's dance band in Wellington, where he soon came to the notice of radio stations 2ZB and 2YA, who placed him on several radio shows.

The 2013 Paul Walden reissue CD
1958 HMV ad
Paul Walden, with guitar, and an unknown entertainer - the Pines, Wellington, early 1960s
Paul Walden, mid 1960s. The damaged print is autographed for Garth Young and his wife Maurine
Paul Walden rocking in the late 1950s
1958 HMV publicity shot
HMV publicity shot
Paul Walden, 1960s
Paul Walden in Tauranga
Paul Walden, singer, at the drum kit - Wellington, early 1960s
Photo credit: Don Peat
In Gisborne for the 1967 Miss New Zealand tour
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
John Hore and Paul Walden - A 1966 duet album released by Joe Brown to coincide with the Miss New Zealand tour the pair were performing as part of.
A rock and roll extravaganza in Palmerston North with Paul Walden and Max Merritt & The Meteors
Paul Walden in 1958 with Len Doran, Denny Mahn, Walden and John Mahn
Country and western: pictured after visiting Nga-whatu Hospital, while on a Joe Brown tour, are (L-R) Paul Walden, John Hore and Peter Posa; on the horse is "Senor" Howard Morrison. From the Nelson Photo News, 17 Sept 1966.
Rocking out in Tauranga
Paul Walden in HMV studios, Wellington
Paul Walden, Christmas 1962, town unknown
Paul Walden
HMV's reference for Paul on his trio to the UK in 1959
Paul Walden in Hamilton in the late 1950s
A Paul Walden in-store at Wisemans Records, Queen Street, Auckland, 1958


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