Peter Collins and His Deaconaires

Young Brian Deakin and his sister, both recently arrived from England with their family to work in Ashburton’s woollen mills, were flaunting it a bit, displaying their wild tribal dancing in the midst of mock English manners and restraint. But they were young and the rock and roll bug had them.

It wouldn’t do, not here, not at the regular old folks dance, not that arse shaking jungle beat. Having spied the young rock and roll dancing English pair in the corner of their hall, the regulars at Ashburton's Radiant Hall were stunned, but only for a moment. They attacked the couple with a hail of pennies, a fierce insult in those last days of the 1950s.

The debut single from Peter Collins and His Deaconaires, released on the tiny Universal label
Shortnin' Bread, the second and final single from Ashburton's finest

In later life Peter Collins was the Town Clerk of Ashburton.


Peter Collins - vocals, guitar

Brian Deakin - guitar

Trevor Hawke - bass

Noel Cameron - drums

Bob Milsom - drums

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