Proud Scum

aka The Beagle Boys

Proud Scum’s glorious punk name – has there been a better one? – came courtesy of young skinhead Reuben Chapple, an undistinguished bassist and evicted former flatmate of Al Rabbit.

Singer Jonathan Jamrag: “He left this big goodbye note written in big black marker saying, ‘Proud Scum, you’ll be brought low soon, your name maketh it. If I saw you lying in the gutter I’d shit on you and walk on by.’ ”

Proud Scum with Allison Griffiths, Mt Eden 1979
Jonathan Jamrag
Photo credit: Photo by John Jenkins
Jonathan Jamrag - Rock HQ, Queen Street, 1980
Photo credit: Photo by Anthony Phelps
Windsor Castle, Parnell, Auckland
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Jonathan Jamrag and Skid Rowe
Photo credit: Photo by Bryan Staff
Jonathan Jamrag
Photo credit: Photo by Bryan Staff
Proud Scum at Liberty Stage in Auckland's Symonds Street, 1979
Photo credit: Photo by Bryan Staff
Proud Scum at Auckland's Liberty Stage, 1979
Photo credit: Photo by Bryan Staff
Alistair Rabbit and Jonathan Jamrag
Proud Scum sleeve for Suicide 2, 1980
Photo credit: Simon Grigg Collection
Proud Scum at Liberty Stage, 1979
With Tich on drums, Mt Eden shops, 1979
John Atrocity at The Windsor, 1979
Photo credit: Photo By Sara Leigh Lewis
Poster from Sydney, 1980
Liberty Stage, 1979
Proud Scum - I Am A Rabbit b/w Suicide and Suicide 2 – 7" single released to coincide with the 2008 AK79 reunion.
Proud Scum at Liberty Stage, 1979. Skid Rowe and Jonathan Jamrag
Live 1979
At the Windsor Castle, Jonathan Jamrag scoops beer off the stage, 1979
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick

John Atrocity - guitar

Alistair Rabbit - bass

Jonathan Jamrag - vocals

Bruce Hulk - drums

Skid Rowe - guitar


Jonathan Griffiths is a published author. His The Road Behind in 2011 was roughly autobiographical about his days in Proud Scum.

John Atrocity never did jump off Grafton Bridge. Instead he went to London where he joined Rough Trade act The Band Of Holy Joy, with whom he recorded several albums.

'I Am A Rabbit' was covered by US band The Lemonheads in 1986 as the b-side to their single 'Laughing All The Way To The Cleaners'.

In January 2008, Proud Scum edited the Wikipedia entry on Grafton Bridge to reflect the lyrics of their song Suicide 2. It remained up for two months. It read: In January 1980, John Jenkins made history by being the first person to jump off Grafton Bridge and survive. His large ears caught an updraft, and he was blown back onto the bridge. John, a minor personality in Auckland's punk scene, had been depressed for some months, after leaving the band Proud Scum. He said his suicidal tendencies had been encouraged by the band's song "Suicide II", and by his "friend" Warwick Hitler. Apparently John will be making another attempt later this month, in a vain attempt to protest the AK79 revival show.



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