Push Push

From the moment the hyper, hairy, hallucinogenic video for Push Push’s ‘Trippin’’ first appeared on New Zealand television, the single was bound for glory.

The noisy Auckland rock act’s debut single spent six weeks at the top of the NZ Singles Chart through April and May 1991, at a time when local music struggled to be noticed.

Mikey grabs a moment's rest
Push Push 1992 setlist
Photo credit: Gavin Bertram Collection
Push Push
In Airforce Studios, Push Push during the recording of their album A Trillion Shades of Happy, a record that hit No.3 in March 1992 and stayed in the NZ charts for four months
Song 27
Silver, Mikey Havoc, Andy Kane, Steve Abplanalp, Scott Cortese
Trippin' (Hey Hey It's Saturday, Australia 15 June 1991)
What My Baby Likes
Push Push 1993 tour poster
Push Push in 1992. From Left to Right: Scott Cortese, Silver, Steve Abplanalp, Andy Kane, Mikey Havoc.
Push Push 1991 setlist
Photo credit: Gavin Bertram Collection
Push Push go to No.1 - with band comments on the chart
Photo credit: Gavin Bertram Collection
Silver's sales pitch for Levis
Push Push on the cover of RTR Countdown, April 1992
A very young Mikey Havoc

Mikey Havoc was the 95bFM superstar breakfast host from 1996 to 2002 and from 2006 to 2010. He can now be found on Radio Hauraki.

Mikey Havoc was co-owner of Auckland nightclub Squid in O'Connell Street during the mid-1990s.


Mikey Havoc - vocals

Shayne Silver - rhythm guitar

Andy Kane - lead guitar, vocals

Steve Abplanalp - bass

Scott Cortese - drums

Ken Green - drums


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