Rochelle Vinsen

Teenaged Wellington pop singer Rochelle Vinsen landed a recording contract with HMV in 1963 after a meeting with a bogus A&R man who claimed to work for the company.

The Onslow College sixth former had made the semi-finals of NZBC talent show Have A Shot singing with school band The Silhouettes. The day after the episode, Vinsen wagged school and received a call from someone saying he was an A&R man who had seen her on TV.

A 1964 single released by hairdressers The Ginger Group featuring Rochelle Vinsen and The Pleasers
A twinked promo shot for New Faces '68 with Rochelle Vinsen and Jim McNaught
Photo credit: Ken Cooper collection
Rochelle Vinsen
Rochelle Vinsen
Rochelle Vinsen (fifth from left), Pete Sinclair (third from left) and touring party on a fishing break in Picton. Promoter Dave Abrahams is sixth from left.
A story in the Auckland Weekly on the Apple & Pear Marketing Board campaign with Rochelle Vinsen and The Pleasers
Dinah Lee and Rochelle Vinsen on stage with the Plainsmen, Christchurch.
Rochelle Vinsen's 1963 single Candy Kisses
Rochelle Vinsen in a NZ Apple & Pear Marketing Board campaign
Rochelle Vinsen and Peter Posa at the Wellington Town Hall, 1963
A Rochelle Vinsen promo shoot proof sheet
Photo credit: Ken Cooper collection
Rochelle Vinsen in Teen Beat
A press advert for Rochelle Vinsen's two 1964 singles including the timely hit, My Boyfriend's Got A Beatle Haircut
Rochelle Vinsen on the cover of The New Zealand Pop Scene magazine, September 1965
Bernie Brown backing Rochelle Vinsen, early 70s
Rochelle Vinsen and band performing at Librettos guitarist Lou Parun’s 21st birthday party. Bruno Lawrence is on drums and Garth Young on piano.
Rochelle Vinsen in the NZ Woman’s Weekly, 1964
Rochelle Vinsen
Photo credit: Ken Cooper collection
1960s Mary Quant advert with Rochelle Vinsen
Rochelle Vinsen in a NZ Apple & Pear Marketing Board campaign
A writeup by Pete Sinclair about Rochelle Vinsen in the Auckland Weekly

Rochelle Vinsen made several appearances on the NZBC pop TV show Let’s Go, which was filmed in Wellington from 1964 to 1966 and was produced by Kevan Moore.




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