Stu Buchanan

In 2014 there was a mid-year hooley in Christchurch at the Woolston Club. The function room there is a barn of a place, with polished floors for dancing and a wide stage to accommodate large bands, club events and the city’s popular big bands and prize-winning brass ensembles.

With or without tables the room can hold several hundred patrons, and throughout the evening young and old from various parts of the country poured in to fill it. They were all keen to be there, but there were mixed emotions. The big “do” wasn’t a party, it was a wake. But the late Stu Buchanan MNZM, the absent figure at the heart of it all, would never have brooked a sombre occasion: it was simply not in his nature.

The Chook Fowler Septet, Begg's Concert Chamber, Christchurch, 1960s: a Jazz Society Concert. From left: Ken McGrath, Harry Voice, Mike Gibbs, Stu Buchanan, Stuart Parsons, Rod Derrett, Martin Winiata. Obscured are Dave Easterbrook and Chook Fowler
Photo credit: Jo Jules collection
Stu Buchanan with Garden City Big Band, Christchurch Arts Centre.
When the Haka Became Boogie, featuring Stu Buchanan singing and playing clarinet on 'It Happened in Monterey' with Mark Kahi, Tommy Kahi and George Williams, 1990.
Stu Buchanan at Glenbrook, 1949.
In formal gear - never Stu's preferred option.
Stu Buchanan, c. 1970
Stu Buchanan's set list and chart for Nut Point, 2012.
Stu Buchanan taking a solo, Christchurch, early in the 1960s: back row, from left: Roger White (piano), George Campbell (bass), Neill Stringer (standing), Harry Voice (drums), Nick Nicholson (guitar). On saxophones in front are, from left: Ian Kitchingham, Brian Whitehouse, Pete Davey, Stu Buchanan, Rex Robinson.
Stu Buchanan with partner Jill Fenton.
Stu Buchanan.
Stu Buchanan with Christchurch School of Music (CSM) stage band, New Brighton, Christchurch, 1990.
The Stu Buchanan Quartet at a private function, Waipara Winery, February 1995. From left: Brett Hurst, Mat Gibb, Ralph Woodham and Stu Buchanan (on trumpet).
Stu Buchanan playing on the rocks at Sumner Beach.
Stu playing jazz on a tin whistle for "Radiant Hall" in the 1960s, at the former Repertory Theatre, Kilmore Street, Christchurch.
The Garden City Big Band, with entertainer Mr Moon, at the Turning Point 2000 Ball.
Stu Buchanan on saxophone, c. 1960.
Stu and Marie Buchanan's sons, Kere (left) and Lyn Buchanan.
Stu Buchanan at home, practising the piano, 1997.
Stu Buchanan and the New Zealand National Jazz Quartet - "Makin' Tracks" (Peak, 1966). Cover by Clive Luscombe
Stu Buchanan at the National Jazz Festival, Tauranga, in the 1990s. He was a stalwart of the event from its earliest days, and played at the 50th annual festival in 2012. Photo by Dennis Huggard
Photo credit: Dennis Huggard
The Wine Cellar Band ('Les Toots Ensemble'), Riccarton, Christchurch, 1970s. Back row, from left: Pat Devlin, Bob Heinz, Rob Carpenter, Nev Grenfell, Doug Petrie. Front row, from left: Ian Edwards, Stu Buchanan, manager of the restaurant (name unknown), Kevin Toneycliff
Photo credit: Jo Jules collection
Stu Buchanan, aged about 10, with Gordon, his farmer father, outside the Pukekohe Post Office, c.1940.
Side one of "Makin' Tracks", the album Stu Buchanan made with the New Zealand National Jazz Quartet (Peak, 1966)


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