Sweet & Irie

Self-styled purveyors of Pacific sunshine reggae, Sweet & Irie is the band project of singer/songwriter Edward Ru.

Working with a rotating roster of session musicians, Ru has released two albums through Dawn Raid Entertainment, recorded hit songs with the likes of Brotha D and The Horsemen Family, toured nationally and performed at major festivals like Raggamuffin.

Sweet & Irie
Edward Ru
Sweet & Iris ft Shane Walker - Maximum
Edward Ru
Photo credit: Photo by Raymond 'Rimoni' Sagapolutele
Sweet & Irie
Brother Ed, Sweet & Iris - Ban The Burn

While the media focus is kept on Edward Ru, Sweet & Irie is a nine-piece band made up of a floating roster of session players drawn from auditions.

Edward Ru might have dreadlocks and outwardly look like a Rastafarian, but he doesn't actually practise that faith, preferring the Christian bible. He also refuses to use smoking references or curse words in his music.


Edward Ru - vocals, production, composition

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