The Brew

"Taking the award for the scruffiest, long haired, bearded and angriest looking new group on the show business scene are The Brew." The Otago Daily Times didn’t pull its punches when the Auckland underground act visited the southern city in April 1967.

Founding member and veteran American sax man Bob Gillett denies the hard-living pros were ever scruffy or dirty. The threat that hung in the air was the radically evolving experimental nature of the time that the group was channelling.

A 1967 line-up of The Brew. Main picture Doug Jerebine. Right, top to bottom, Bob Gillett, Ian Thomson, Harvey Mann, Tommy Ferguson.
Photo credit: Ian Thomson collection
The Brew: Doug Jerebine, Bob Gillett, Tommy Ferguson, Yuk Harrison and Trix Willoughby
Photo credit: Phil Warren Collection
The Brew at the Galaxie, 1967. Left to right: Bob Gillett, Doug Jerebine, Tommy Ferguson, Harvey Mann, Ian Thomson. 
Photo credit: Ian Thomson collection
A later line-up of The Brew - Bob Gillett, Harvey Mann, Archie Bowie and Doug Jerebine

Harvey Mann - guitar

Tommy Ferguson - vocals

Bob Gillett - saxophone, drums

Doug Jerebine - guitar, vocals

John "Yuk" Harrison - bass

Trix Willoughby - drums

Murray Grindlay - vocals

Ian Thomson - drums

Puni Solomon - bass

Ray Woolf - vocals

Archie Bowie - vocals

Bruno Lawrence - drums


Doug Jerebine issued an acclaimed album in 2012, 43 years after he had recorded it in 1969.

Trixie Willoughby was the father of 80s and 90s pop star Kim Willoughby.

Bob Gillett was later in Breeze, which included Sonny Day, Dave Shepherd, Steve Wilson and Brett Neilsen and Space Farm.

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