The Cartilage Family

For every band who crawl on all fours, bleeding, towards fame and some form of fortune, there are a hundred Couldabeens. The Cartilage Family coulda been a Couldabeen.

They were only with us briefly, a band with no named personnel on Bob Scott’s Dunedin Band Chart, above The Craven A’s and below Red Orchestra. It was the end of 1982. Shayne Carter had Bored Games behind him; original Chill and original Clean member Peter Gutteridge was bandless; and Lesley Paris and Kathy Bull (now Francisca Griffin) were in the early throes of being Look Blue Go Purple’s rhythm section.

Above Ground, The Cartilage Family and Gorillas at The Empire 1983
Photo credit: Screen-print poster by Stuart Page (INK INC Studio)

Shayne Carter - guitar

Peter Gutteridge - guitar

Francisca Griffin - bass

Lesley Paris - drums

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