The Exploding Budgies

The Exploding Budgies formed in 1984, one of a cluster of bands around a shared practice room in Birkenhead, Auckland.

A three-piece driven by David Mitchell's distinctive guitar style, they had broken up by the time their first and only EP, The Grotesque Singers, was released on Flying Nun.

David Mitchell poster for The Chills, Expendables, Exploding Budgies at Mainstreet, Auckland 1984
Photo credit: Mike Corless Collection. Design: David Mitchell
Exploding Budgies - The Grotesque Singers EP (Flying Nun, 1985)
1983 - Glenn Eisenhut, James Murray, David Mitchell at SPAM
Photo credit: Photo by Mark Webster

Flying Nun


David Mitchell - guitar

Glenn Eisenhut - bass

James Murray - drums


When he was in New Zealand in 1993 (making a film about the infamous "witch" Rosaleen Norton), writer and director Kenneth Anger became aware of Mitchell's song 'Kenneth Anger'. The story goes that Anger stormed up to the Flying Nun office and demanded to hear the song. On having it played to him, Anger declared he loved it and left a message on a copy of the band's CD: "Love the song. Lots of love, Kenneth Anger."

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