The NuSonics

On an inclement Saturday in Wanganui, while warming up for that evening's reunion gig (June 6, 2007, their first together in 40 years), The NuSonics shared memories of their glory days. Some stories are best not repeated, others we'll dismiss as tall tales. But here follows a brief history, and some yarns that deserve retelling.

The NuSonics formed, like many other bands, from a nucleus of school acquaintances. They were gathered together by lead guitarist John Hopkirk. Under the management of “Dood” Williams, early members were Kevin Wright (drums), Peter Fromont (rhythm guitar), Mike Fennemore (bass), and very briefly, John Hooker (vocals).

The Viking Records poster for the 1965 Mariner IV single: "Explosive Sales Guaranteed"!
The NuSonics with Peter Posa, also signed to the Viking label and a major star at the time
The NuSonics Show Band - from left: John Harrison, Kevin Wright, Murray Barns, Mike Fennemore, John Hopkirk, Richard Green
The NuSonics' business card - from left: Mike Fennemore, John Harrison, John McGowan, Murray Barns, Richard Green, John Hopkirk
The Nusonics original Line-up - from left: Kevin Wright, Peter Fromont (seated) "Dood" Williams (manager), Mike Fennemore (seated) and John Hopkirk
The only release by The NuSonics, the Mariner IV single released by Viking in early 1965. Several other tracks recorded for the label at the time seem to be lost.



In another time and place, Scottish singer Edwyn Collins would call his late 1970s band The Nusonics before renaming them Orange Juice


John Hopkirk - guitar

Mike Fennemore - bass

Kevin Wright - drums

John McGowan - drums

Peter Fromont - guitar

Murray Barns - guitar

Richard Green - keyboards

John Harrison - vocals, saxophone

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