The Ormsby Brothers

It’s late 1973 and a young teen ensemble of singing Mormon brothers is all over the Australian pop charts and television. There’s a fourth brother in the wings, ready for his chance. Sound familiar?

If you’ve guessed The Osmonds or Jackson 5, you’re close. Those clean-living singing siblings were fully present in the popular mind. But we’re talking The Ormsby Brothers from New Zealand’s Waikato region here. Three part-Māori vocalists, who had a massive 1973 Australian hit with their defiant take on ‘You Don’t Own Me’, a song Lesley Gore took into the US Top Ten a decade earlier.

Side 2 label to The Ormsby Brothers featuring You Don't Own Me, EMI 1973.
The Ormsby Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore, EMI 1973
The Ormsby Brothers featuring You Don't Own Me, released by EMI Australia in 1973
The Ormsby Brothers - You Don't Own Me
Sheet music to You Don't Own Me, as recorded by The Ormsby Brothers, 1973
The Ormsby Brothers - Chugga Boom & Pockets
Back cover to the Ormsby Brothers' 1973 LP, The Ormsby Brothers featuring You Don't Own Me.



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