The Plague (1960s)

aka HMS Plague, VD Plague, The Outcasts

In the mid 1960s you only need to look as far as Rotorua’s Plague to see the R&B virus was a far-reaching infection. Largely a regional phenomenon, The Plague played throughout the Bay of Plenty and in Rotorua at their own Entertainers Workshop club, billed variously as The Plague, HMS Plague, and on one occasion, VD Plague.

After incubating as party band The Outcasts between September 1964 and June 1965 with Tom Hutchison (rhythm guitar, vocals), David Hutchison (drums), Tom Stevens (lead guitar, vocals) and Arthur Townsend (bass, vocals), The Plague spread and infected new drummer (and future Liberty Group publishing magnate) Barry Colman.

HMS Plague in 1968 – L to R: Arthur Townsend, Max McDonnell, Barry Coleman, Tom Hutchison and Ian Vandy

Tom Hutchison - guitar, vocals

David Hutchison - drums

Tom Stevens - guitar, vocals

Arthur Townsend - bass, vocals

Barry Colman - drums

Corben Simpson - guitar

Max McDonnell - guitar

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