The Rayders

It didn’t do Auckland beat group The Seakers any harm to include "Ray" in their name, as they did in 1965 when they became The Rayders to avoid a clash with Australian pop-folk quartet The Seekers.

Ray Columbus and The Invaders had stunned the Australasian pop world with ‘She’s A Mod’ the year before. The Rayders had a legitimate claim to the name in drummer Ray Mullholland, who with guitarist Owen ‘Danny’ Campbell, bass player Lyndsay Mullholland and guitarist Brian McCarthy captured a typical beat/R&B set for release on Auckland’s Zodiac Records as Platterrack Raid With The Rayders.

The 1965 album Platterrack Raid With The Rayders, issued by Zodiac
The Rayders
Photo credit: Kevin McNeil Collection

Ray Mullholland - drums

Owen ‘Danny’ Campbell - guitar

Lyndsay Mullholland - bass

Brian McCarthy - guitar

Clive Coulson - vocals

Chris Collier - bass




Brian McCarthy died in August 2010.

Clive Coulson had a surprise hit with the song Black Sally as lead singer of the Sydney-based Mecca in the late 1960s before moving back to England and becoming a roadie for Led Zeppelin and later manager for Bad Company. He died in early 2006.

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