The Renderers

Cantabrian country folk Brian and Maryrose Crook exhumed the rusted pickup’d drunks and dodgers of Harry E. Smith’s Old Weird America, married them to the heartbroken housewives of the sandblasted Space Race small towns, exported them across the Pacific, and invented a wheeling, wailing, New weird Zealand.

In the early 1980s Maryrose Wilkinson and Brian Crook were flatting together on Knowles Street in the pluty Christchurch suburb of Merivale, in a huge multigenerational, two-storey artists’ flat. Surrounded by large rambling grounds, it was home to filmmakers, writers and musicians, including future Scorched Earth Policy-maker Mick Elborado.

Berlin, 2008
Deep Deep Sea
Maryrose Crook, 2006
Photo credit: Photo by Christopher Andrews
Down River (Quiet)
The Renderers in Beijing, 2006 - Brian Crook, Maryrose Crook, Giordano Zizzi
Measured Strychnine Invitations, 2013
Goodbye Blue Monday, 2009
Brian Crook, Maryrose Crook and Michael Daly, 2006
The first US tour, 1998
Interview with Flying Nun band The Renderers, 15 September 1994, Directed by Ross Cunningham.
Bigger Than Texas
The High Seas
Will Oldham, Bonnie Prince Billy and the Renderers - New Partner
The Renderers with Delaney Davidson in Tijuana, 2013
The Renderers at WFMU / Aquarius Records Showcase at Spiro's, SXSW 2009
Photo credit: Photo by The Swiper
The Renderers at Mighty Mighty, Wellington, with Sean O’Reilly hidden at the front, Michael Daley (out of picture), Maryrose Crook, Denise Roughan, Brian Crook and Shannon O'Ligetti
Will Oldham, Bonnie Prince Billy and the Renderers - Tonight's Decision and Hereafter, live
The Renderers at The Tote, Melbourne, 2007
Brian Crook, Maryrose Crook and Michael Daly, 2007
The Renderers at the Media Club, Christchurch
Photo credit: Photo by Alistair Reid
Maryrose and Brian Crook, 2008
The Renderers, Able Tasmans and Chris Knox at the Gluepot, 1991
Photo credit: Graeme Hill collection

Brian Crook - guitar

Maryrose Crook - vocals

Hayden Jones - drums

John Billows - bass

Robbie Yeats - drums

Thom Bell - bass

Stefan Neville - drums

Jo Contag - drums

James Kirk - drums

Michael Daly - drums

Joanne Billesdon - drums

Gregg Cairns - drums

John Segovia - slide guitar

Sean O’Reilly - guitar, synthesizer, bass, percussion

Denise Roughan - bass

Shannon O'Brien - bass, electronics

Peter Mitchell - drums

Richard Baker - bass


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