The Rodents

The core of The Rodents attended Onslow College in Wellington, and although underage for pubs, they did get to see bands like Th' Dudes and The Crocodiles playing unlicensed Wellington venues such as the Last Resort and the Rock Theatre.

A decade later, John McDougall told Rip It Up (May 1988), “The first band that I saw that really impressed me was Rough Justice. We thought that was the kind of music that we really enjoyed and wanted to play.”

Peter Marshall with the Rodents at Sweetwaters, January 1981.
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
The Rodents at The Last Resort, Wellington, June 1980. L to R: John Niland (rhodes, organ) Dave Armstrong (trumpet) Chris Green, Andrew Clouston (sax) Peter Marshall (vocals)
Photo credit: Tim Robinson Collection
Where they came from and where they went: a Rodents and Eelman family tree, late 1983. 
Photo credit: John Niland collection
The Rodents appear with the Preservatives, at the Wairarapa Arts Centre, Masterton, 18 April 1981. 
Photo credit: John Niland collection
Rock & Roll Cabaret at the Majestic, Wellington, 7 September 1980: the Top Scientists, the Rodents, full catering and two other bands for $6. 
Photo credit: John Niland collection
The Rodents in InTouch magazine
Photo credit: Gary Steel Collection
Rodents laminated pass, Sweetwaters, January 1981. 
The Rodents on the Wellington waterfront, 1980 (L-R): Andrew Cross (drums), Jonathan Zwartz (bass), John Niland (piano), David Armstrong (trumpet), Tristan Carkeek (guitar), Peter Marshall (vocals), John McDougall (guitar), Andrew Clouston (saxophone), Tim Robinson (drums, percussion), Chris Green (saxophone). Absent is Graham McQueen (drums and percussion). 
Photo credit: Wendy Rivers
A Rodents set list, c. 1980.
Photo credit: John Niland collection
The Rodents at the Last Resort, Wellington (L-R): John Niland, Dave Armstrong, Chris Green, Andrew Clouston, Peter Marshall, Andrew Cross (drums, obscured), John McDougall, Jonathan Zwartz. 
Photo credit: John Niland collection
A poster for the Rodents, c. 1980.
Photo credit: John Niland collection
Rip It Up review by "Les Crew" of the Rodents at the Terminus, Wellington, 24 December 1980. 

David Armstrong - trumpet

Andrew Clouston - saxophone

Tristan Corkeek - guitar

Andrew Cross - drums

Chris Green - saxophone

Peter Marshall - vocals

John McDougall - guitar

Graham McQueen - drums, percussion

John Niland - piano

Tim Robinson - drums, percussion

Johnathan Zwartz - bass

The Rodents, "a musical treat" at the Windsor Park, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, c. 1981. 

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