The Ruby Suns

The Ruby Suns is the musical moniker of Ryan McPhun, who has taken the group from Beach Boys indie pop to leftfield world music through to experimental electronica, always seeking to invest the music with unique sounds and tones. His early work led to deals with Memphis Industries for the UK/Europe and Sub Pop for the US/Asia, which saw the band release four critically lauded albums and spend five years (2008-2013) touring regularly across the planet.

McPhun started out playing drums and guitar as a kid in Ventura, California. “I think it mostly came from wanting to emulate Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl at the same time. I started playing both drums and guitar when I was twelve by dubbing my Nirvana CDs onto tape and taking my Dictaphone out to my neighbour’s shed – they were kind enough to let me put my drums in there. I’d try to play along on headphones as best I could ... The move to New Zealand was partly one of convenience. I’m a citizen and half my family lives there. But also, my girlfriend at the time, daughter of one of my dad’s mates from Mt Roskill Grammar, was a Kiwi. I don't think I had any clear musical vision at first. I just wanted to make stuff and then see what happened.”

Gareth Shute (foreground) and Mark Stebben playing in The Ruby Suns
Photo credit: photo by Ian Jorgensen/Blink
The Ruby Suns in Vienna
Photo credit: They Shoot Music
Ryan McPhun in a promotional photo for the 2010 album Fight Softly
The Ruby Suns in Minneapolis
The Ruby Suns performing at Homegrown
Amee Robinson and Imogen Taylor of The Ruby Suns, in the Lil Chief “ghetto” garage
The Ruby Suns at Camp A Low Hum 2010
The Ruby Suns onstage at Enmore Theatre, Sydney
The Ruby Suns - Mojave (A Take Away Show, Paris 2007)
Ryan McPhun and Bevan Smith
Photo credit: Christopher Andrews
The Ruby Suns’ RV on fire
The Ruby Suns in the USA during the Christopher album tour
The Ruby Suns listed in a Time Out London Critics’ Choice
The Ruby Suns - Cinco (2010)
The Ruby Suns: James Dansey, Ryan McPhun, Graham Panther, Alastair Deverick
The Ruby Suns - In Real Life
The Ruby Suns arriving in Australia
The Ruby Suns standing next to the wreck of their burnt out RV
Ruby Suns tour poster, Norway. Based on artwork by Amee Robinson
Ryan McPhun and The Ruby Suns filming a session for La Blogothèque in Paris
Photo credit: Blogoteque
Cover art for the 2008 Ruby Suns album Sea Lion
The Ruby Suns: Ryan McPhun, Alistair Deverick, Graham Panther
The Ruby Suns - Kingfisher Call Me (2013)
Amee Robinson of The Ruby Suns in the Lil Chief “ghetto” garage
The Ruby Suns at Camp A Low Hum
Photo credit: Rachel Brandon
Ruby Suns poster
Amee Robinson and Ryan McPhun, The Ruby Suns
The Ruby Suns - live on KEXP, 17 February 2013
The Ruby Suns, L to R: James Milne, Harry Cundy, Olivia Kember, Mark Stebben, Ryan McPhun, Amee Robinson. Lying down are Gareth Shute and Mark Stebben
The Ruby Suns - There Are Birds (2009)
Ruby Suns - Sleep in the Garden (2007)
Ruby Suns at the Pitchfork Festival
The Ruby Suns soundchecking in Wales
The Ruby Suns - Desert of Pop (2014)
Ruby Suns - Tane Mahuta (2008)

Lil' Chief Records

Sub Pop

Memphis Industries

Pop Frenzy


‘Oh Mojave’ was used for an online campaign for Microsoft in the US, but Ryan later turned down a lucrative offer from McDonalds since it went against his vegetarian principles.


Ryan McPhun - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums

Alastair Deverick - drums, vocals

Bevan Smith - keyboards, bass, guitars, vocals

Graham Panther - keyboards, bass, vocals

Amee Robinson - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, saxophone

Imogen Taylor - keyboards, flute, bass, vocals

Mark Stebben - bass, vocals

Edward Castelow - drums, vocals

Gareth Shute - guitar, bass

James Dansey - drums, vocals

Olivia Kember - keyboards

James Milne - drums, vocals

Harry Cundy - trumpet

Gus Franklin - trombone, keys, drums

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